Students in this group have represented a variety of diverse identities with respect to race, ethnicity, languages, socioeconomic status, gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation, neurological and physical abilities, immigrant status, nationality, religion, and worldview, among other dimensions of diversity. Diversity in the workplace allows us to conduct high quality research. We strive to understand and respect our position and perspectives and how they inform our work. At the same time, we strive to push ourselves to recognize our own biases and the role that they play in our work. The Cole Group aims to ensure a welcoming environment where members are empowered to express themselves and are open to learning opportunities. As a part of that environment, the core values of our group include the following:


Collaboration: We place an emphasis on working together within specific project teams and within the group at large. We value outsider perspectives and understand that our research will be more robust when reviewed by a variety of researchers.

Leadership: We recognize that people have different strengths, and we strive to celebrate those strengths by placing people in positions that will allow them to thrive in their work and studies, both inside and outside of the group.

Open Mindedness: We recognize that everyone comes from a different background which provides them with different perspectives and experiences. We strive to actively listen to the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of others whether inside and outside of our group and respond to them with thoughtfulness and respect.

Positivity: We aspire to approach all obstacles in an optimistic way. We also strive to avoid unconstructive criticism by offering deliberate and genuine feedback as well as by showing our appreciation of each other.  

Respect: We value the abilities, opinions, qualities and achievements of others and aim to recognize the importance of their contributions. We allow others to have a voice and be heard and respond with thoughtfulness and professionalism.

Support: We acknowledge that we all have lives outside of our academics and that we are not always aware of what is going on in someone’s personal life. We are willing to share ideas, lend a hand and encourage others both inside and outside the office. We aim to place confidence in and support each other both in our lives and careers.

Hospitality: We aim to create a safe and supportive work environment. We greet others as they come through our door and find ways to make connections with one another. We accept and praise individuality and hope everyone feels comfortable being themselves around us.