November: Nicole gave a great 6 month seminar!

November: Undergraduate researcher, Carson Lovig, presented his work on the classroom discourse project at FURF

October: Cole group members present their work at ACS Midwest Regional Meetings

September: Congratulations to Nicole for winning the Ballad Seashore Fellowship!

September: Andrew gave a great 2nd year seminar talk!

August: Cole group members attend and present their work at BCCE 2022!

April: Congrats to Nicole and collaborators on their recent publication on stoichiometry in introductory chemistry courses!

March: Nicole, Hannah, and Andrea present their work at ACS Spring in San Diego, CA!

January: Another great publication has come out of the MICRO project first-authored by Andrea

January: Congratulations to Renée Cole for being announced as a AAAS 2021 Fellow


December: Congratulations to official Ph.D. candidate Hannah for passing her comprehensive exam!

November: Congratulations to Hannah, Nicole, Renée, and collaborators for their recent publication!

November: Congrats to Leslie for a successful second year seminar!

October: Congratulations to Andrea for receiving the Graduate College Post-Comprehensive Research Fellowship

August: Congratulations to Dr. Ian Brown and Dr. Katie Mauger-Sonnek on successful completion of their doctorate degrees!

May: Congrats to Andrea and Renée for their MICRO article publication!

May: Congratulations to Carina for graduating with her B.S. in Chemistry

May: Congratulation to Andrea and Leslie for their departmental awards!

May: Renée Cole, professor of chemistry, named 2021 Collegiate Teaching Award recipient

April: Congratulations to Andrea, official Ph.D. Candidate!

March: Congratulations to Nicole for being awarded the Graduate Diversity Fellowship for Fall 2021


December: Congratulations to Dr. Rayford Harrison for officially earning his doctorate!

December: Congratulations to Rebekkah on a successful second year seminar talk

November: Congratulations to Hannah and Andrea for giving successful seminar talks

October: Congratulations to Rayford for a successful dissertation defense!

August: A warm welcome to Leslie for joining the group this year! We know you will accomplish great things

July: Congratulation to Nicole and Andrea for being featured on the 1 Million Women in STEM Campaign! Go check our their pages to learn more about what we do and more on this campaign.

May: Congratulations to Nicole for passing her comprehensive exams and becoming an official Ph.D candidate!

March: Congratulations to Gil for his publication "Rubrics to assess critical thinking and information processing in undergraduate STEM courses"

Jan: A big welcome to Hannah, Andrea and Rebekkah for joining the group this year! We look forward to seeing what you all accomplish.


Sept: Congratulations to Ian for his first publication! A book chapter titled "Supporting Faculty in Adopting Active Learning Pedagogies"  

July: Gil, Ian and Rayford all attended the Bretz Research Conference in Miami, OH and presented research posters. 

July: Marika and her husband welcome their first child, Welcome Lucy!

June: Gil successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Reynders! Gil is starting a postdoc position with Suzanne Ruder at VCU in August.

June: The group attended the Gordon Research Conference for chemistry education. Dr. Cole was invited to give a talk and Gil, Rayford, and Katie all presented posters.

April: Gil gave his three-month seminar to the department. This seminar is given about three months before a dissertation defense.

April: Sidney presented a poster at the University of Iowa's Spring Undergraduate Research Festival.

April: Katie, Rayford, and Dr. Cole gave research talks at the ACS National Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

January: Gil and Dr. Cole held their annual ELIPSS project meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.


December: Nicole States joined the research group as our new graduate student. Welcome to the group, Nicole!

July: The entire group attended the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) at the University of Notre Dame. Gil, Ian, Rayford, Katie, Marika, and Dr. Cole all gave research talks, and Ashlie was an invited speaker.

July: Rayford and Dr. Cole attended the International Conference on Chemistry Education (ICCE) in Sydney, Australia. Rayford gave a research talk, and Dr. Cole was an invited speaker.

May: Marika passed her comprehensive exam and is now a PhD candidate. Great job, Marika!

May: Dr. Cole was promoted to the rank of full professor! Not only that, but she was also honored as one of two Collegiate Scholars based on her exceptional achievement at the time of her promotion. Read more about it here.

March: As part of a collaborative effort to characterize the nation's STEM landscape, Dr. Cole's work was featured in Science. This study was also highlighted in Science 360 News and Inside Higher Ed.

March: Gil, Hao, and Dr. Cole went to ACS New Orleans. Gil and Dr. Cole gave talks, and Hao presented at the undergraduate poster session.

January: Gil and Dr. Cole held their annual ELIPSS project meeting in Dallas, Texas.



December: Arjun and his wife welcomed their first child, a healthy baby girl.

December: Arjun Paudel joined the research group as our new graduate student. Welcome to the group, Arjun!

November: Dr. Cole, Ashlie, and Gil took a break from the Iowa winter to present their work at the 2017 AAC&U STEM Conference in San Francisco. Dr. Cole and Gil ran a facilitated discussion on professional skills, and Ashlie and Dr. Cole presented posters.

July: Jennifer successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Schmidt-McCormack! Jennifer is starting a post-doc position with Ginger Shultz at the University of Michigan in August.

July: Jennifer, Gil, and Dr. Cole presented their work at the Transforming Research in Undergraduate STEM Education (TRUSE) Conference at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

June: Gil and Ian presented their work at the CER Graduate Student and Post-doc Professional Development Conference at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

June: Ashlie and Dr. Cole presented their work at the CER Gordon Research Conference at Bates College in Lewistown, Maine.

June: Ian and Dr. Cole held their first workshop for the PALAC project where they helped analytical chemistry faculty develop materials for active learning courses.

April: Jennifer attended the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco where she presented her work, "Assessment of process skills in student responses to open-ended exam questions."

January: Gil and Dr. Cole held their annual ELIPSS project meeting at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia