Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Congratulations to Nicole for working hard and earning the Graduate Diversity Fellowship for the fall 2021 semester. Nicole will be continuing her work on the discourse project investigating instructional design and facilitation effects on student interactions in a large enrollment chemistry course. 

Check out some of her cool accomplishments that got her the award!

Within my time at the University, I have completed research that has led to a local conference presentation and opened the opportunity for me to present at a national conference. Within my group, I mentor an undergraduate researcher, maintain the group website and serve as a senior group member collaborating with researchers at multiple institutions. For the department, I have worked as a teaching assistant for four semesters with (ACE Evaluation scoring above the average with a 90% overall score) and mentored graduate students. Outside of my research activities I am the executive assistant for the Graduate Student Senate (GSS). Within GSS, I am a part of a teaching committee and have developed and facilitated microaggression trainings for teaching assistants. I am helping to transform the training to have a broader scope so it can be implemented across campus. Additionally, we hold events that aim to connect teaching assistants across campus to discuss concerns and celebrate successes in teaching and build comradery across disciplines. Within the chemistry department, I am a member of the Graduate Student Advisory Board where we work as an intermediary between the graduate students and faculty of the department to implement changes. I am also a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Cohort in the department where we work towards creating a more inclusive environment. I believe that I have gone above what an average graduate student has done to get involved in not only the chemistry department, but at the university level as well.