Kodi Dailey

Undergraduate Researcher

I grew up in Ollie, Iowa, a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of town. After joining the Army and some time at a community college, I transferred to the University of Iowa (GO HAWKS) where I am studying English and Creative Writing and Chemistry with interest in Chemistry Education and Metacognition. My interest in Chem-Ed came from my own struggle and triumph in the subject. Once I sat down with an instructor and ironed out the kinks of my studying and learning, I found a passion for wanting to help others through their hesitancy and struggle of Chemistry. Chemistry Education Research allows me to understand and aid in the improvement of how we’re teaching Chemistry and how students are learning it.

When I’m not in the Chem Building, you can find me at the CRWC Rock wall where I work as the manager or somewhere on or off campus running with my dog, a purebred good girl, Riley.

Kodi Dailey, Undergraduate Researcher